Portrait of AlfredWhen I was a young man of 18 years, I developed a keen interest in working with metals while I was stationed at a gun repair facility in the Austrian Air Force and this was where I learned the art of hand engraving.

I then went on to become a Electrical Engineer and worked as such until I decided in 1980 to follow up on my old passion of working with metals.
I opened a Jewelry store soon thereafter and started designing and the manufacturing of Jewelry.

My Jewelry designs are mostly inspired by the free flow of graphic elements found in nature and is heavily influenced by modern European styles combined with the beauty of old fashion craftsmanship.
I love working with customers, finding their ideas and their style to design the beautiful piece of Jewelry they have imagined in their mind.


Today my work is mostly made of precious metals such as gold and platinum and often incorporates precious and semi precious stones such as Diamonds, Rubies and Sapphires.

1761 Lisbon Street

Lewiston, ME 04240


1761 Lisbon Street. Lewiston, ME 04240    207.782.7206

Portrait of Alfred

Portrait of Alfred